Here at Fortune K900 we breed our American Bullies for good temperament first! Our bullies are fun, loyal companions! All of our puppies are hand-raised. We produce pocket and micro size…. Typically Females 10-14 inches weighing 35-55 pounds, Males 12-16 inches weighing 45-60 pounds. Prices may vary, ranging from $2,500-$7,500 sometimes lower or higher. As we continue to breed our goal is to produce smaller athletic dogs. We have some of the most beautiful lilac and blue puppies in the world. Truly crowd-stoppers.

If the listed price is out of your range, text us your first name and the amount you are willing to pay. If or when we decide to sell a pup at your price, you will be contacted first. Please note: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No money back for any reason; Fortune K900 credit only. After purchase if you decide you do not want or cannot keep the puppy for any reason, you will have an option to pick another puppy in a future litter that is listed at the same price as long as we are still producing puppies. Your puppy has been checked by our veterinarian and was found to be healthy and free from any genetic defects. You must also have your veterinarian check your puppy’s health within 48 hours to verify your puppy’s health.

Fortune K900 is family owned and operated since 1979. We are hands on from the time the mother gives birth until the buyers receives his or her puppy. These cute pups are magically auspicious.

We are in Ohio, but we ship worldwide. Check out our video if you think you may need your puppy shipped. You can have your new companion shipped directly to your front door, your local airport, or you can drive down to see them before purchase. We are located at 6371 Riverside Drive Dublin Ohio 43017 by appointment only.

Have a magical day!