About Fortune K900


Here at Fortune K900 we breed our American Bullies for good temperament first! Our puppies are fun, loyal companions! All our puppies are hand-raised. We have some of the most beautiful blue puppies in the world. Truly crowd-stoppers.

Our mission: To produce healthy, intelligent, friendly American Bully dogs.  And to find good homes for our puppies for sale.

We guarantee our cute Bullies will be healthy and checked by a licensed veterinarian.

Fortune K900 is family owned and operated since 1979. We have bred many different breeds including the Merle American Pit Bull.  Our decision to breed the Pocket American Bully didn’t come easy, because we love all breeds of dogs. We chose the American Bully because they are smart, easy to train, and loyal family members.

We are in Ohio, but we ship worldwide. You can have your new companion shipped directly to your front door, your local airport, or you can drive down and meet your new best friend.

We believe the American Bully is the number one house pet! Their magically auspicious.

Have a magical day!